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Our authentic Italian food is known for its exquisite simplicity, vibrant flavors, and the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients that celebrate the rich culinary traditions of Italy.

Italian Cuisine At Its Finest

Marcolino's Italia is a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant located in the heart of Reno's Riverwalk District, offering a wide variety of delicious dishes to suit every taste. Our menu features classic Italian food, all made with the freshest ingredients and prepared with care by our talented team of chefs. At Marcolino's Italia, we believe that dining out should be an experience, which is why we have created a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy. Our friendly staff is here to make sure you have a memorable meal, whether you're joining us for a quick bite or having a meal with your family or friends.

At our family restaurant, we specialize in serving pasta, steak, chicken parmesan, and other Italian cuisines that you will definitely love. Our menu is considerate of many different palates, and you are sure to find something to enjoy on our menu. With 37 years in the business, you'll be able to taste the passion our chefs have for cooking in every bite! We can't wait to serve you and show you why we have a reputation for serving the best food in town. Visit Marcolino's Italia today to try our delicious food!

Our Award Winning Gourmet Italian Cuisine

Made With The Love Of Preparing Food Handed down For Generations With Only The Best Ingredients.


Pasta Dishes

Our traditional pasta dishes are a harmonious blend of perfectly cooked al dente pasta varieties, paired with diverse, flavorful sauces that capture the country's regional culinary diversity.


Seafood Dishes

Our Italian seafood cuisine captivates the palate with its emphasis on the freshest catches available, expertly prepared to highlight the natural flavors of the sea in dishes that range from delicate crudo to robust seafood pasta.


Main Courses

Our meat dishes boast a rich heritage, showcasing skillful preparation and a dedication to fresh quality ingredients, enjoy  perfectly seasoned grilled steaks to our succulent Chicken Parmesan reflecting the country's flavorful culinary traditions.


Sides & Salads

Savor fresh flavors with our delectable sides and salads—Italian perfection in every bite. Explore taste, indulge delightfully!



Indulge your sweet cravings with our heavenly desserts—crafted with passion, Italian sweetness that leaves you craving more. Delight awaits!



Start your meal off some of our fresh homemade appetizers...created with our traditional family recipes.

Consumer Advisory- The Washoe Health Department -Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne disease , especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Enjoy Our Gourmet Italian Cuisine At Your Next Party Or Event

Made With The Love Of Preparing Food Handed down For Generations With Only The Best Ingredients.


Special Event Catering

Special event catering is an artful combination of culinary expertise and meticulous planning, transforming ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences. Catering professionals collaborate closely with clients to curate customized menus that tantalize the taste buds and align with the event's theme and atmosphere. From weddings and corporate gatherings to milestone celebrations, the focus is on creating a seamless dining experience. Beyond just serving delicious food, special event catering encompasses everything from elegant presentation and attentive service to accommodating dietary preferences. Whether it's a gourmet buffet, a plated dinner, or interactive food stations, the goal is to elevate the overall event ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on guests through the marriage of exquisite flavors and impeccable hospitality.

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See What Our Customers Have To Say...

Steven Rowe
Steven Rowe
Nice wine list. Food is great.
Danielle Onderdonk
Danielle Onderdonk
I had the pleasure of spending my birthday here tonight. From the moment of our arrival we were treated to the kind of personal interaction service that makes you feel like not just a customer, but a friend in the making. The food was beyond our expectations. NaNa’s Eggplant Parmigiana was definitely a standout. My tiramisu was so creamy and delicious, I almost wish I wasn’t sharing it with my partner! I highly recommend and will definitely be back for more.
The waiter was absolutely phenomenal, very quick service and he was very professional and fun to interact with. It is the BEST Italian restaurant in Reno. Good for both a date night or night out with family pr friends. The atmosphere was very cozy and the view was awesome too. Will be coming back as much as possible. The food was perfect as well!!
Kraig S
Kraig S
We took my wife's grandmother here for her 96th birthday, and we loved the food and feel of the restaurant. The food was excellent with nice sized portions and the host, Marcolino, was a true gentleman and gave us great service. We'll definitely come back next time we visit Reno.
Olin C.
Olin C.
Marco was a fantastic host to our group of four, visiting his restaurant on a busy Friday evening. All of the food was delicious, and the portions were ample. The wine list was extensive, and priced about the same as everywhere else. Overall, it was a great first experience. We are looking forward to a return visit very soon!
Joseph Vitelli
Joseph Vitelli
Food was excellent!
Heather Marsh
Heather Marsh
I ordered Togo and they were so fast and efficient and the food was excellent! Some of the best pasta I’ve had!
Tony Abreu
Tony Abreu
Their sauce is way to sweet and the sweetness over powered the dishes.
Anita Poole
Anita Poole
Our experience was amazing. The owner personally took care of us, and the food was absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend this culinary experience. We were there on Oct. 24, 2023 while on vacation from Oklahoma. I can't say enough about just how lovely our meal was.

Food Truck Events

Experience the culinary journey on wheels with our Food Truck Services! Our mobile kitchen brings the heart of Italy to your doorstep, offering a delectable array of authentic flavors prepared with passion and precision. Whether you're hosting an event, craving a quick bite, or seeking a unique catering solution, our food truck is ready to roll. Immerse yourself in the convenience of our on-the-go offerings, delivering the same exceptional taste and quality you love from our restaurant, wherever you are. Elevate your street food experience with the unmistakable taste of Italian perfection—where the road meets gourmet delight!

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